Swiftech Mcw6002-64 waterblock

Ecrit par Rabot le 2004-12-17 12:16:31
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Source : Tweaktown

Red & Blackness (un site que je ne connaissais pas) vient de tester le waterblock Mcw6002-64 qui est destiné aux AMD64. Il a obtenu 5/5.

" Today it´s time to look at a waterblock from Swiftech. We have one of their better waterblocks on the test bench tonight. MCW6002-64 is the block we will be testing today. It´s a fairly new block and it seems to be able to cool of pretty well after you look at the specifications and by just looking at it. But does it really compete with the other coolers out there? We will show you the difference on water and air cooling on a socket 754 AMD64."

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